Role Playing Game Accessories

Dungeon Master Screen

The DM screen helps hide all of the most important secrets and allows the DM to better control the game dynamics.  Our screen is made of 1/4″ maple plywood with a 1/4″ walnut plywood frame.   

Dungeon Master Screen Initiative Tracker

An add on to the Dungeon Master Screen, the initiative tracker consists of a magnetic strip attached to the top of the screen and 10 clear acrylic flags that can be written on with dry erase marker.  This can be purchased aftermarket as an add on to your previously purchased Dungeon Master Screen or you can buy it with your DM Screen and we will attach it to the screen for you!

You can also purchase an additional 5 flags .

NOTE: The DM Screen pictured here is for illustrative purposes only.  To purchase the DM Screen, please see the listing above. 

Dice Tower 

A handy folding dice tower that is easily transportable but usable with most regular sized dice, including dragon dice.  The dice tower ensures a fair roll every time, contains the dice and ensures they stay on the table.

Made from 1/4″ Mahogany and laser cut and engraved.

Dragon Dice Box 

Store your favorite set of dragon dice in this beautiful solid wood dox in the shape of a shield.  We have several options for engraved images on the box as well as the ability to add personalization to truly make it yours.  Comes in maple, cherry, or hickory.

Dice Rolling Tray

Are you sick of the loud clatter of dice on the game table and dice rolling off the table onto the floor?  The Dice Tray is a great solution and can be personalized to fit your desire.  Two sizes (9″x9″ or6″x6″) are available so you can decide which one is most convenient for you.  Both trays can unsnap and lay flat.  The 9″x9″ is pictured.  The 6″x6″ is a gray leatherette.

Gaming Journal

Great for DMs and Players alike!  This handy A5 sized journal helps keep the game notes in one place and the cover can be customized with one of our many predesigned images or a custom image of your liking.  You can also add your personalization to the journal.

Gaming Binder

If a journal is insufficient to keep your notes or if you just like to have more flexibility in keeping your game organized, perhaps a 3 ring gaming binder is more your speed.  The same predesigned images can be added to the binder and it can also be personalized to your liking as well.