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Engrave your photo for truly lasting memories

Engrave your favorite Picture on Solid Wood, Wood Planks, Leather, Faux Leather, Canvas, Slate, or even Metal to enjoy for years to come.

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Solid Wood Photo Engraving

Maple Plywood any size up to 12×12 – $30

Plaques – Alder, Maple or Cherry:   

5×7-$35     6×8-$40    7×9-$45     8×10-$50                                            9×12-$70      10.5×13-$90 

Wood Canvas:  8×8-$35    8×10-$40    9×12-$45                      10×10-$45     11×14-$50     12×12-$50

Plank Photo Engraving

Plank Look:  Maple, Alder, Cherry, or Mahogany Plywood, engraved lines to resemble planks.  Any size up to 12×12-$40

Real Planks: 1×4 planks, up to 12×24-$100

Burnt Canvas Engraving

Cotton Canvas:                  8×8-$20     8×10-$25     9×12-$30    11×14-$35    12×12-$35    2×16-$40

Painted Canvas Engraving

Any Color:   8×8-$25     8×10-$30     9×12-$35                         11×14-$40     12×12-$40     12×16-$45

Leather Photo Engraving

Real Leather Sheet:    8×10-$60     12×12-$70

Slate Photo Engraving

Rustic Black State:    7×9 – $40     8×12-$50 

Faux Leather Engraving

Leatherette Sheet (Faux Leather Fabric):

Gray, Rustic,Brown, Black –  any size up to                                                                    12×12-$30

Anodized Metal Engraving

Annodized Aluminum: 5×7-$30         6×8-$35     7×9-$40     8×10-$45     9×12-$65     12×24-$75

*Photo’s will be converted to Grayscale or Black & White for engraving.  Images with brightly contrasting backgrounds and subjects will engrave better.  We can do some editing to help a photo achieve it’s best contrast, but will advise as needed on photo selection.  Please send best quality photo available, the quality of the print will be directly impacted by the quality of the original.